Moving Forward Since 1977

Providing logistics services all around the world, Transtaş has succeeded in localizing in each region and adopting the necessary regulations and procedures specific to each country.

While focusing on providing the safest, fastest, and most sustainable service to its customers, Transtaş continuously strengthens its know-how by closely monitoring the trends and developments in the market.


With its strong client portfolio, Transtaş provides logistics services for various sectors. Transtaş team, whose primary objective is client satisfaction, provides the most reliable logistics solutions while keeping clients informed at all stages and receiving their feedback.

This mindset has rewarded Transtaş as National Champion of ‘Customer Focus’ at the European Business Awards 2013.

Service Quality

Transtaş provides the same service quality anywhere in the world.

While carrying forward the operational processes, the experienced Transtas team continuously tracks its performance and immediately takes action if necessary in order to maintain highest service standards in all conditions.

Logistics Is As Easy As It Can Be

In certain situations where it is necessary, Transtaş team quickly comes up with alternatives to the current solution and takes calculated action before any issues may arise.

The ability of Transtaş to quickly come up and proceed with alternative solutions originates from the result-oriented approach it embraces.

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