Project Logistics

What is Project Logistics?

Project Logistics is the logistics operation from A-Z of airports, hospitals, powerplants, hydro energy plants, industrial buildings and complex infrastructurial projects. The process includes the management from the supplier to the construction field.

Each project is different from one another and each requires distinctive solutions..

Project Cargo, which is the use of heavy lift, oversize commodity, is also a part of the Project Logistics and storage, assembly/disassembly of these goods are commonly seen.

The stages of Project Logistics includes the following;

  • The analysis of the project in logistical perspective
  • Providing the most suitable solutions and alternatives
  • Operational planning
  • Financial planning of the project
  • Risk and caution analysis
  • Security and quality control
  • Coordinating all sides of the project
  • Insurance and responsibility analysis
  • Foregin trade support analysis
  • Locational information
  • Heavy cargo solutions
  • Storage and distribution solutions
  • Order tracking
  • Coordination
  • Lift and Survey
  • Lashing and securing
  • Documentation.
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