Greetings From Transtaş

Founded in 1977, Transtaş has prided itself in continuously strengthening its know-how and capabilities through excellent customer service, strong principles, ethical standards and innovation, thereby taking itself to its deserved place in the international arena as one of the leading logistic providers.

Having first started its operations in road freight with its own truck fleet, Transtaş has adapted to its customers’ needs in the following years and become a full-scale service provider focusing on all modes of transportation: road, sea, air, and rail.

Having added oversize and heavy lift cargo transportation to its services, Transtaş has also become a trusted logistics provider for big-scale projects, serving them in all necessary steps through the extensive experience it has gained over the years.

So far, Transtaş has undertaken the logistics services for various construction projects including power plants, airports, factories, bridges, hospitals, museums, mosques, shopping centers, universities, infrastructure and superstructure, and, therefore has become an expert in project logistics leading the way in the international arena with expertise and service quality.

Through the offices in many parts of the world including Istanbul, Doha, Dusseldorf, Kosovo, Dammam and Cairo as well as its exclusive agencies in other parts of the world, Transtaş has an extensive reach of regions with its experienced staff.

Customer satisfaction and certificates of completion remain to be the most important sources of motivation for Transtaş. Courage, honesty, ethical values, modernism, know-how, transparency and quality are its main instruments for success.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Transtaş is proudly stepping into the future with confidence through all its past and ongoing accomplishments and strong international network.

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